Iraq new 500-dinar note (B353a) confirmed

B353 (PNL): 500 dinars (US$0.35)

Green and blue. Front: Arabic text; Dukan (Dokan) Dam on the Lesser Zab River in Sulaimania Governorate. Back: English and Kurdish text; winged bull statue from Palace of Khorsabad in Dur-Sharrukin (Fortress of Sargon) and Assyrian priest. Solid security thread with demetalized Arabic text. Watermark: Horse head. Printer: (De La Rue). 142 x 66 mm. Paper.

a. ‮٢٠١٥‬‭ ‬- ‮١٤٣٦‬‭ ‬(2015/AH1436).
Sig. 18: Alaq. Prefix ط‭/‬‮١٦‬ – ط‭/‬‮٢١‬.

Like B348, but with Kurdish text on back.

Courtesy of Robert Mol.

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