Indonesia new 100,000-rupiah note (B623a) confirmed introduced on 18.08.2022

B623 (PNL): 100,000 rupiah (US$7)

Red, pink, green, and yellow. Front: Indonesian text; moth orchid flower; 1st president, Sukarno; map of Indoensia; 1st vice-president, Mohammad Hatta; coat of arms; bank logo as registration device. Back: Indonesian text; bank logo; Raja Ampat Islands; moth orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) flower; Tari Topeng Betawi (dancer with mask). Windowed security thread with demetalized BI 100000. Watermark: Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta, and electrotype logo. Printer: PERURI TC. 151 x 65 mm. Paper.

a. 2022. Sig. 21: Warjiyo/Indrawati. Intro: 18.08.2022.

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  1. become 100 new rupiah to be from redenomination new code off three zeroes of the Indonesia Currency IDR become old

    Confuse Security Feature that Crane’s Motion Lens Micro Optic Non Color Shift Window Security Thread and SPARK&Live Color Changing Magnetic Ink with the Denomination Fifty New Rupiah off zeroes threes.

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