Malawi new 2,000-kwacha note (B164a) reported for introduction on 24.02.2022

On 23 November 2021, the Reserve Bank of Malawi unveiled designs for two new notes, both scheduled for introduction on 24 Februay 2022. The 2,000-kwacha note is like the preceding issues, but the microscope and Malawi University of Science and Technology on back have been replaced by balance scales and the Blantyre Magistrate Court, respectively, representing the urgent need for the country to fight corruption. The 5,000-kwacha note is a brand new large denomination intended to ease economic transactions.

B164 (PNL): 2,000 kwacha (US$2.45)

Yellow, brown, orange, and pink. Front: English text; Reverend John Chilembwe; Malawi map; SPARK Live fish; fishermen in boat; Malawi map as registration device. Back: English text; Malawi map; silhouette of two people carrying baskets on their heads; balance scales; bank logo; Malawi map; Blantyre Magistrate Court. Holographic stripe. 4-mm wide green-to-gold RollingStar Cube windowed security thread. Watermark: John Chilembwe and electrotype 2000. Printer: (Unknown). 135 x 66 mm. Paper.

a. Date unknown. Sig. 14: Banda. Prefix unknown. Intro: Expected 24.02.2022. Unconfirmed.

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