Pakistan new 1,000-rupee note (B238a) creates controversy

On 8 August 2007, Speaker Chaudhry Amir Hussain asked a National Assembly standing committee to probe and report within a month on why the new 1,000-rupee note (B238a) carries an imprint of the national flag in lilac (like the Turkish flag) rather than green, and why packs of note are now bound with a paper band and not stapled as was the past norm.

The State Bank of Pakistan explained that the Pakistani flag does not appear on any SBP notes (the flag has a white band to the left of the field of green); the crescent and five-pointed star is merely a security feature printed with optical variable ink (OVI) that changes color from magenta to green when the note is tilted. Furthermore, the SBP pointed out that bundling notes is the international standard and the practice of stapling notes has been halted in an effort to increase the longevity of the nation’s notes.

Courtesy of Muhammad Rizwan.

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