Nepal issues new 500-rupee note without king’s image


In addition to the Rs500 (which has an initial print run of 20 million notes), the NRB is preparing to issue new 50- and 100-rupee denominations in mid-2008 that also remove King Gyanendra’s name, image, and royal symbols. The new Rs500 still has the king’s portrait as watermark because the paper was ordered from an Indonesian manufacturer before April 2006 when the monarchy fell out of favor. Because the impoverished Himalayan country could not afford new paper, bank officials chose instead to obscure the king’s image by printing a rhododendron over the watermark.

500 rupees (US$7.85), ND (2007). Issued 27.09.2007. Tan, brown, purple, red, and green. Mount Everest at left, national flower rhododendron at right over wmk of King Gyanendra. Rhododendron at left and two tigers drinking melted snow at center on back. Signature 16, wide windowed security thread, NRB as registration device, intaglio printing. 160 x 70 mm.

Courtesy of Madhur Grover.

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