Australia Reserve Bank annual report findings

According to the Reserve Bank’s 2007 annual report, the average Australian has 43 banknotes worth $1,900. The $50 banknote accounts for nearly half the value of all notes on issue, and for 43 percent of the number of notes. The $100 accounts for 42 percent of the value, and 19 percent of the number. The Reserve Bank took delivery of 245 million new banknotes from Note Printing Australia in 2006/07, up from 220 million the previous year. This consisted of 51 million $5 notes, 42 million $10 notes, 80 million $20 notes, and 72 million $50 notes. There were no purchases of new $100 notes, as has been the case for several years, as the Reserve Bank continues to run down the stock of $100 notes acquired as a contingency for Y2K.

Note Printing Australia has now printed 56 denominations for 18 countries since 1990. Securency has supplied polymer substrate to overseas printers for a further 27 denominations in 12 countries. In all, 25 countries, covering all continents, have issued polymer notes. As well as Australia, New Zealand, Romania, and Vietnam have converted all their denominations to polymer, while Brunei and Papua New Guinea are approaching full conversion.

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