Venezuela unveils bolivar fuerte note designs


We now have confirmation that the PDF marked “Información Confidencial” reported ten days ago is authentic. Today the Banco Central de Venezuela has officially unveiled its new family of notes. The only thing that remains to be explained is why there is no 200-bolivar fuerte note as previously reported.

All notes will be released on January 1, 2008, and are dated 20 DE MARZO DE 2007 on front, along with signatures (PRESIDENTE BCV and PRIMER VICEPRESIDENTE BCV). Security features for each note includes intaglio printing with the denomination in OVI, watermark of portrait and electrotype watermark of denomination numerals, wide windowed security thread, registration device, microprinting, raised symbol for the blind, and latent image. Coat of arms on back.

2 bolivares fuerte. Blue and orange. Francisco de Miranda. Amazon Two river dolphins (inia geoffrensis) in foreground, Parque Nacional Médanos de Coro and Gusano flor in background on back.

5 bolivares fuerte. Light orange and tan. Pedro Camejo. Two giant armadillos (priodontes maximus) in foreground, palm trees in Los Llanos (flat plains) in background on back.

10 bolivares fuerte. Dark orange and brown. Cacique Guaicaipuro. American Harpy eagle (harpia harpyja) in foreground, Salto Ucaima y tepuyes Venado y Kurún (Parque Nacional Canaima) in background on back.

20 bolivares fuerte. Pink and aqua. Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi. Two hawksbill turtles (eretmochelys imbricata) in foreground, Montañas de Macanao in background on back.

50 bolivares fuerte. Green and yellow. Simón Rodrígues. Spectacled bear (tremarctos ornatos) in foreground, Laguna del Santo Cristo (Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada) in background on back.

100 bolivares fuerte. Rust and green. Simón Bolívar. Two black-hooded red siskin birds (carduelis cucullata) in foreground, Guaraira Repano (Parque Nacional El Ávila) in background on back.

Courtesy of Ömer Yalçinkaya (omeryalcinkayacollectionshop on eBay).

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