Macau to issue 20-pacata note celebrating Olympics


According to a March 8, 2008, article in Macau Daily Times, the Macau branch of the Bank of China (BOC) is set to issue four million 20-pataca (US$2.50) banknotes in commemoration of the 29th Olympic Games that will be held in Beijing during August 2008.

A spokesman of the executive council, Mr. Tong Chi Kin, said the note will be the same purple color as the currently circulating 20-pacata note (Pick 103). The front of the new note will feature the Bank of China building, the architecture representing the location of the torch relay of the ancient Olympic Games, as well as the emblem of the Beijing Olympic Games, and a vertical line that reads “In Commemoration of the 29th Olympic Games” in both Chinese and Portuguese. The back of the note will depict the Beijing Olympic Stadium (also known as the “Bird’s Nest”), and Macau’s Golden Lotus symbol.

20 pataca (US$2.50)
Purple. Front: Bank of China building; Beijing Olympics emblem; ancient column detail. Back: Beijing Olympic Stadium (Bird’s Nest); Golden Lotus symbol. Windowed security thread. Watermark: Unknown. Printer: Unknown. 143 x 71.5 mm. 3 DE MAIO DE 2008 (03.05.2008). Signature unknown.

Courtesy of Kai.

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