Hong Kong issues Olympics commemorative note


The following note is available as a single note in a booklet for HK$138, in a sheet of four for HK$338, a full sheet of 35 for HK$1,388, paired with an old-style note for HK$268, and a sheet of four paired with old notes for HK$868. The money raised from the sale (after deducting face value and costs) will be donated to charity, with a portion set aside for local sports development. Although the notes will be legal tender in Hong Kong they are not intended to be used in the local economy, and are being sold at a higher cost than their actual value.

20 dollars (US$2.55)
Purple. Front: Bank of China building; Beijing Olympics emblem; ancient column detail. Back: Beijing Olympic Stadium (Bird’s Nest); Chinese lucky clouds; bauhinia flower. Windowed security thread. Watermark: Unknown. Printer: Unknown. 143 x 71.5 mm. 1st JANUARY 2008. Signature: unknown. 4 million notes introduced 16.07.2008.

Courtesy of Kai.

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