Czech Republic issues revised 500-korun note


On 1 April 2009 the Czech National Bank introduced a revised 500-korun note (US$25.50) with improved security features. Existing 500-korun notes dated 1995 and 1997 will remain legal tender. The new notes are dated 2009, carry the signature of bank governor Tuma, use serial number starting with prefix E, and contain the following new/revised security features:

  • rose printed in gold-to-green OVI
  • Omron rings
  • watermark now includes electrotype 500 and primrose flower
  • windowed security thread is now 3-mm wide with cross-hatched demetalized ČNB 500 Kč and it changes color from puce-to-green
  • additional UV elements

Courtesy of Marian Klubert and Christof Zellweger.

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