Macau (BNU) new 50-pataca note (B070a) confirmed

B070 (P81A): 50 patacas (US$6.25)

Brown. Front: Chinese and Portuguese text; Sai Wan Bridge. Back: Chinese and Portuguese text; Banco Nacional Ultramarino building; caravel bank logo in underprint. 3-mm wide holographic windowed security thread with demetalized lotus flower and MOP 50. Solid security thread. Watermark: Lotus flower and electrotype 50. Printer: (Johan Enschedé en Zonen). 148 x 74 mm. Paper.

a. 8 DE AGOSTO DE 2009.  Sig. DG4/A75. Prefix AA – AE. Intro: 00.11.2009. 

Courtesy of Simon Sui, who purchased the note from Yi Chen (IBNS 10210).

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