Macau new 50-pataca note confirmed


50 patacas (US$6.25). 8 DE AGOSTO DE 2009.

Front: The Sai Wan Bridge as principal illustration and in the upper left corner, in the vertical, the legend <<50 PATACAS>> in Portuguese; and in the lower right corner the same legend, in vertical, in Chinese characters and in the horizontal, in Portuguese. A see-through pattern shows a registered image on both sides of the note. An electrotype watermark is placed below the watermark of the lotus flower showing the denomination value in Arabic character.

Back: In the lower right corner in the horizontal, the legend <<50 PATACAS>> in Chinese characters and in the upper left corner, in the vertical, the same legend in Portuguese. As principal illustration, on the left the Banco Nacional Ultramarino building and in the right of the principal illustration, the caravel logotype of Banco Nacional Ultramarino. A windowed holographic thread runs vertically through the middle left hand side of the note. Novel serial numbering both for the vertical and horizontal format appears on the reverse side of the note.

Size: 148 mm X 74 mm
Printer – Hong Kong Note Printing Limited – Hong Kong.
Entry into circulation – November 2009.
Quantity Issued: 5 million notes
Signatures: Herculano de Sousa and Rodolfo Vasco Lavrador

Courtesy of Simon Sui, who purchased the note from Yi Chen (IBNS 10210).

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