Vanuatu to issue polymer 10,000-vatu note in July 2010

According to a press release dated 13 January 2010, the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu plans to issue a new series of banknotes beginning with a polymer 10,000-vatu (US$100) note to be introduced in July 2010, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of independence. This will be the largest denomination in the country.

Governor Odo Tevi stated, “The existing note series has come under a lot of pressure over the years, particularly with regard to the lifespan and counterfeiting challenges. It is apparent that in recent years most countries in our region have modernized their currency, therefore it is considered appropriate that in the 30th year of independence, the Reserve Bank of Vanuatu takes steps to introduce a new modernized series of vatu banknotes.”

Courtesy of Leszek Porowski.

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