Fiji 20-dollar notes (B523a) stolen upon delivery from DLR

According to an article in the Fiji Times Online, late on Friday 3 September 2010 a container arrived at Suva Kings Wharf in Fiji. Inside was supposed to be a special vault containing $1 million (US$519,100) in brand new 20-dollar notes, fresh from De La Rue’s security printing plant in the United Kingdom, destined for delivery to the Reserve Bank of Fiji when it opened for business on Monday. However, thieves apparently stole the notes sometime in transit. At first the bank indicated that the stolen notes bearing the serial numbers EB450,001 to 500,000 are not legal tender and should not be accepted, but in the past week has reversed itself and has instructed the public to accept the notes. Given the serial number range, it’s likely that these notes are from the same new series introduced in 2007. For your information, 50,000 notes weighs approximately 110 pounds and could easily fit in a large piece of luggage.


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