Indonesia dispells rumor of error on 100,000-rupiah note


On 6 October 2010 Bank Indonesia issued the following press release:

No. 12 / 45 / PSHM / Humas
The rumour that Rp100,000 denominated banknotes displaying Soekarno-Hatta would be withdrawn from circulation due to a misprint of the Proclamation of Independence, in particular the inclusion of the year ’05 [in small print between the two portraits on front], can be immediately quashed by the following key points:

1. The inclusion of the Proclamation text on the Rp100,000 banknote corresponds to the original manuscript, more specifically “Djakarta, 17th Day, 8th Month of the Year ‘05”. In this case the year ’05 refers to historical facts where Japan remained in power at that time, therefore, the calendar in use is Japanese and refers to the year 2605, abbreviated to ’05.

2. The Rp100,000 banknote issued by Bank Indonesia in 2004 was designed in close collaboration with several relevant parties, including those with extensive knowledge of the proclamation text in question.

3. Therefore, the Rp100,000 denominated banknote exhibiting Soekarno-Hatta is not a misprint and remains legal tender.

4. To all members of the public we appeal to disregard this issue as well as any information that cannot be accounted for.

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