Jamaica new 50-dollar commemorative note (B243) confirmed

The Bank of Jamaica commemorated the 50th anniversary of its founding by issuing a new 50-dollar (US$0.60) note on 15 November 2010, even though the official anniversary celebrations aren’t expected to begin until May 2011.

The front of the commemorative note is like the current note in design and security features, but the bank’s logo printed in blue, with the words “50th anniversary and 1960-2010” printed above and below the logo. The back of the commemorative features the Bank of Jamaica headquarters building at Nethersole Place set against a medallion background of morning glory blossoms. This new vignette replaces the Doctors Cave Beach scene on the back of the current $50 note. Both new and old notes will circulate in parallel.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

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