Belarus new 50- and 50,000-ruble notes (B134a and B135a) confirmed


On 29 December 2010, the National Bank of Belarus introduced new 50- and 50,000-ruble banknotes to bring the inscriptions on the notes into compliance with the new rules of Belarusian spelling and punctuation. The images, colors, and sizes of the notes remain consistent with the preceding issues of the same denominations dated 2000 (B125 and B132, respectively) which circulate in parallel.The modified 50-ruble notes have the following differences: no security thread and the spelling of the word ПЯЦДЗЯСЯТ instead of ПЯЦДЗЕСЯТ.

The modified 50,000-ruble notes have replaced the solid security thread for a 2-mm wide windowed security thread. In addition, it has the changed spelling of ПЯЦДЗЯСЯТ instead of ПЯЦДЗЕСЯТ.

Courtesy of Vitali Khaletsk, Rui Manuel Palhares, and

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