Algeria new 2,000-dinar note (B408a) confirmed

B408 (P144): 2,000 dinars (US$17)

Greenish-blue and brown. Front: Arabic text; university professor lecturing students in amphitheater; satellite; double-helix DNA strand; three researchers in scientific laboratory with microscope and beakers. Back: Arabic text; wheat; palm tree; body of water; urban high-rise buildings; olive tree. 13-mm wide LEAD holographic stripe. Windowed security thread with bank name in demetalized Arabic text. Watermark: Emir Abdelkader pattern. Printer: (Unknown). 160 x 71.7 mm. Paper.
a. 2011-03-24.  Sig. 3: Abbas/Laksaci. Series 0001 – 0925, 1005 – 1243.  Intro: 28.04.2011.

Read the Magharebia story dated 4 May 2011, “Algeria issues 2,000-dinar banknote.”

Courtesy of Yves Courtemanche and Jean-Michel Engels.

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