Identify person on Chile’s banknotes


Today I’m inaugurating a new feature on The Challenge.

Anyone who has downloaded chapters of The Banknote Book catalog knows that I take pains to precisely identify all the people, places, and objects depicted on banknotes. However, sometimes precise identifications remain elusive despite all the efforts of myself and various contributors. This frustrates me both as an author and a collector because it’s my belief that if a country has chosen to feature something on one of its notes, it must have some particular historical or cultural significance and it deserves better than a generic description.

So I’m turning to the power of crowdsourcing with The Challenge, an open call for help in identifying certain design elements which have heretofore defied identification.

If you can precisely identify the proper name and location of any of the following—or have a lead which you think might be useful—please post a comment, preferably including a URL which links to evidence supporting your identification.

Today’s second challenge is to identify the following person from the front of Chile’s 1-peso note dated 1898 (P15 show below, but the same also appears on P1 and P11):

The SCWPM identifies this portrait as “Prat” (presumably naval officer Agustín Arturo Prat Chacón), but this identification is called into question in this document written by collector Raúl Donoso Rosso.

IDENTIFIED: Chilean president, Federico Errázuriz Zañartu.

Courtesy of Art Matz (LANSA) and Raúl Donoso Rosso.

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