Algeria new 1,000-dinar note (B411a) confirmed

B411 (PNL): 1,000 dinars (US$7.75)
Blue and rust. Front: Arabic text; Great Mosque of Algiers. Back: Arabic text; vase; weaving loom; jewelry; ewer. Holographic stripe with heads of Emir Abdelkader and Numidian King Jugurtha. Green windowed security thread with demetalized 1000. Watermark: Emir Abdelkader and electrotype 1000 pattern. Printer: (Bank of Algeria). 160 x 71.7 mm. Paper.
a. 2018-12-01. ┬áSig. 4: Unknown/Loukal. ┬áSeries 0001 – 0045. Intro: 03.02.2019.

Courtesy of Jean-Michel Engels.

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