Identify building and monument on back of Madagascar 5,000-franc note (B303)


Today’s challenge is to identify the objects which appears on the back of the old 5,000-franc note of Madagascar.

If you can precisely identify the name and location of the building and/or monument—or have a lead which you think might be useful—please post a comment, preferably including a URL which links to evidence supporting your identification.

These objects appear on the back of the 5,000-franc from 1983 (B303). The SCWPM claims the building is a school, but doesn’t give a precise identification. The monument has writing on it which reads “MADAGASIKARA MAHALEOTENA NAMBARA AMBAHBENASO 26 JUIN 1960.” The date is Madagascar’s independence day, and the text is in Malagasy.

IDENTIFIED: La Bibliothèque Nationale de Madagascar (The National Library of Madagascar) building in Antananarivo and Stèle de l’Indépendance in Place de l’Indépendance in Antananarivo.

Courtesy of Robert Bethea, Murray Hanewich, and Dominique Dannery.

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