Belarus new 200,000-ruble note (B136a) confirmed

According to a press release dated 12 March 2012, the National Bank of Belarus has issued a new 200,000-ruble (US$24.15) note. This denomination is twice as large as the previous biggest note in Belarus.

The new 200,000-ruble note is predominently green and measures 150 x 74 mm. The front depicts the Mogilev Regional Art Museum, and the back illustrates a decorative collage of architectural elements of the museum building. The note has a windowed security thread with demetalized text, and a watermark of fragments of the stucco ceiling of the museum with electrotype bank initials. Furthermore, there is a color latent image.

The bank has also proposed withdrawing 10- and 20-ruble notes, and rounding prices to the nearest 50 ruble. Also, it has not ruled out issuing even larger denominations if needed. In an article in the Telegraf dated 13 March 2012, deputy head of the National Bank Vladimir Senko said there’s no need to revalue the currency at this time.

Courtesy of Thomas Krause and Богданов Иван/Ivan Bogdanov (

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