Namibia new 10- and 20-dollar notes (B209a and B210a) OVI cracking in circulation

According to an article in The Namibian and an article in New Era, both dated 16 July 2012, as well as a media release dated 13 July 2012, the Bank of Namibia “has observed that the diamond shape feature on some of the N$ 10 and N$ 20 banknotes is cracking after multiple folding or handling.”

These notes (B209a and B210a) were issued 15 May 2012, and feature a large OVI (optically variable ink) diamond with latent image of the denomination. The higher denominations aren’t affected because they incorporate different security features.

“From a banknote technical printing perspective, this phenomenon is supposed not to be the case,” said Deputy Governor Ebson Uanguta.

The bank is investigating whether the problem is caused by handling or the ink used by the printer, Oberthur Technologies. The results are expected by August, and may necessitate reprinting the notes.

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