India new 500-rupee note (B290a) confirmed

B290 (P106): 500 rupees (demonetized 09.11.2016)

Brown, yellow, green, and purple. Front: Denomination as registration device; lion capital of Ashoka pillar; Mahatma Gandhi; RBI seal with tiger and palm tree. Back: Language panel; statue of Mahatma Gandhi leading nation by Gyarah Murti at Mother Teresa Crescent in New Delhi. 3-mm wide green-to-blue windowed security thread with demetalized RBI and भारत (India). Watermark: Electrotype 500; Mahatma Gandhi; vertical RBI; 500. Printer: (India Security Press). 168 x 73 mm. Paper.

a. 2011. Sig. 20: Subbarao.
Letter: None. Normal s/n. Intro: 26.12.2011.

Courtesy of Dr. Manjunath P. Iyer and Thomas Augustsson.

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