Fiji new note family (B526a – B530a) reported for introduction in December 2012

According to the Reserve Bank of Fiji’s Annual Report 2011, “The Currency Review, that commenced a year earlier, progressed well in 2011. The objectives of the review comprised an upgrade of existing security features and the inclusion of Fiji’s flora and fauna on banknotes and coins. In March 2011, Cabinet approved the coining of the $2 denomination and the selected flora and fauna designs. Banknote and coin tenders were invited and awarded to De La Rue Currency and the Royal Canadian Mint, respectively. All banknote and coin designs were finalised and approved in November 2011. In this regard, the RBF extends its sincere appreciation to the members of the Currency Design Committee for their commitment and guidance in selecting the flora and fauna designs for the new banknotes and coins family. The new flora and fauna designed currency, including the new $2 coin, will be officially unveiled and launched in December 2012.”

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