Lebanon new 50,000-livre commemorative note confirmed

This polymer note commemorating 70 years of independence for Lebanon was issued on 22 November 2013 (the anniversary of the end of French colonial rule in 1943), despite the fact that the French-language back spells “independence” as it is written in English, rather than the French “independance.” The Central Bank of Lebanon said it regretted the mistake, which it blamed on the printing company (De La Rue). 50,000 pieces will enter circulation.

BDL B38 (PNL): 50,000 livres (US$33)
Blue, brown, red, and green. Front: Citadel of Independence in Rashaya; stylized flag of Lebanon. Back: Map of Lebanon; flag of Lebanon with cedar tree. No security thread. Watermark: None. Printer: (TDLR). 140 x 77 mm. Polymer.
a. ٢٠١٣ (2013). Signature 12. Intro: 22.11.2013.

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Courtesy of Claude Akl.