Seeking Cuba 20-peso note dated 2003 with CE prefix

The prefixes on modern Cuban notes follow a very predicatble system:

All 20-peso notes have a series or prefix consisting of two characters (the first always C) followed by a dash and a two-digit number. When the year changes, the second letter in the prefix advances alphabetically. At least that's how it works for every other denomination, but there's an oddity with the 20-peso note.

From the images above, we can see a 20-peso note dated 2002 (P118) with prefix CD, followed by another 2002 dated note with prefix CE, and finally the commemorative dated 2003 (P126) with prefix CF.

It's possible that there exists a non-commemorative 20-peso note dated 2003 with prefix CE. If anyone can provide scans of same, it would be greatly appreciated.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson and David Jones.