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The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about The Banknote Book:

Q: When will the XYZ chapter of The Banknote Book be published?

A: We do not have a schedule for publishing particular chapters that extends beyond the next few weeks. Some countries are much more challenging to complete than others due to the large number of notes to be cataloged, as well as the difficulty in obtaining information about and images of rare issues. However, rest assured that we intend to cover every country eventually and already have working drafts of all countries, past and present.

Q: Is The Banknote Book available in print?

A: Yes. Select chapters can be ordered in print directly from or Amazon.

Q: How do you establish the prices for notes in The Banknote Book?

A: The Banknote Book is reporting prices, not setting them. We have no hidden agendas when pricing notes for the catalog. For the most part, we search auction results online, including eBay and the major auction houses which specialize in collectibles. We look for completed sales rather than mere listings because those transactions represent market-clearing prices, not overly optimistic auction estimates. Prices are exclusive of shipping, handling, and taxes, but do reflect buyer’s premiums paid at auction, where appropriate. When sales data are difficult to obtain, we check dealer price lists and also solicit input from contributors who have been paying close attention to their specific areas of interest. Pricing is not a science by any means, and we're always ready to make adjustments, higher or lower, if someone can demonstrate that a given note’s price isn’t realistic.

Q: What happens when my subscription expires?

A: If your account is set up for automatic renewal (recommended), your card on file will be charged the discounted rate on your Renewal Date, and you will receive an email confirming the results of the transaction. Should there be any difficulty in processing the transaction (for example, new card or expiration date), you will be instructed to update your payment profile.

If your account is set up for manual renewal, you will receive an email reminding you to renew 10 days prior to expiration, then another reminder 24 hours prior. If you let your subscription lapse, you will receive a final email notifying you of that fact.

As a lapsed subscriber, you can log in to the subscribers-only web site, but none of the chapters will be available for downloading in the Content Shelf tab until you click the Subscriptions tab, then click the Renew Now button and pay for restored access to all the content. If you choose not to renew your subscription, all previously downloaded PDF files are yours to keep and enjoy, though you will no longer be entitled to revisions or new chapters.