New Zealand

New Zealand new sig/date (2014) 5-dollar note confirmed

5 dollars, (20)14. Like RBNZ B31, but new date and new signature (Wheeler). Prefix AA - DA.

Courtesy of Scott de Young.

New Zealand new note family to be issued in Q4 2015

According to an article on Bloomberg dated 26 June 2014, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand plans to introduce its seventh series of notes in 2015. "The new banknotes, which aim to improve design and security features, were originally intended to enter circulation" in 2014.

According to a press release dated 5 July 2014, the new notes will be designed and printed by the Canadian Bank Note Company, which currently prints Canada's notes. New Zealand's new notes will remain printed on polymer substrate, and they will retain the same denomination structure and sizes of the current series, as well as the same themes, with the same people and other elements, although in revised designs. The "near final" designs are expected to be unveiled publicly in November 2014, and the finished notes are expected to enter circulation in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas and Aidan Work.

New Zealand new sig/date (2013) 10- and 20-dollar notes confirmed

10 dollars, (20)13. Like RBNZ B32f, but new date and signature (Graeme Wheeler, who took over as governor from Alan Bollard on 26.09.2012).

20 dollars, (20)13. Like RBNZ B33f, but new date and signature (Graeme Wheeler, who took over as governor from Alan Bollard on 26.09.2012).

Courtesy of Garry Craig and Scott de Young.

New Zealand new date (2012) 50-dollar note confirmed

50 dollars, (20)12. Like RBNZ B34, but new date.

Courtesy of Peter Eccles.

New Zealand new governor's siganture expected end of 2014

According to an article on Radio New Zealand dated 16 January 2013, it will take the Reserve Bank of New Zealand until late 2014 before it runs out of stock of banknotes bearing the signature of former governor, Alan Bollard, and begins issuing notes with the signature of the new governor, Graeme Wheeler.

New Zealand new bank governor announced

On 26 June 2012, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand announced that Graeme Wheeler has been appointed the new governor, effective after current governor Alan Bollard’s second five-year term expires on 25 September 2012. This will likely result in new signature varieties for New Zealand's polymer banknotes.

Courtesy of Scott de Young.

New Zealand chapter of The Banknote Book is now available

New Zealand

The New Zealand chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale at US$9.99, and as a free download to subscribers.

At the time of initial publication, this 17-page catalog covers every note (204 types and varieties, including 64 notes unlisted in the SCWPM) issued by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand from 1934 until present day.

Each chapter of The Banknote Book includes detailed descriptions and background information, full-color images, and accurate valuations. The Banknote Book also features:
  • Sharp color images of note’s front and back without overlap
  • Face value or date of demonetization if no longer legal tender
  • Specific identification of all vignette elements
  • Security features described in full
  • Printer imprint reproduced exactly as on note
  • Each date/signature variety assigned an individual letter
  • Variety checkboxes for tracking your collection and want list
  • Red stars highlight the many notes missing from the SCWPM
  • Date reproduced exactly as on note
  • Precise date of introduction noted when known
  • Replacement note information
  • Signature tables, often with names and terms of service
  • Background information for historical and cultural context
  • Details magnified to distinguish between note varieties
  • Bibliographic sources listed for further research

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New Zealand Reserve Bank Governor Bollard to step down 25 September 2012

According to a New Zealand Reserve Bank press release dated 30 January 2012, Alan Bollard will not be seeking another term as governor when his current term ends on 25 September this year. Appointed in September 2002, Dr Bollard is in his second five-year term.

Dr Bollard said that he will be fully focused in his remaining eight months on the serious economic and financial challenges facing New Zealand.

“As I noted last week, the Bank is ready to respond to ongoing developments overseas, especially in Europe, the US and China, as well as domestically, particularly the Canterbury earthquakes. In addition, the Bank’s expanded prudential regulatory responsibilities mean we will continue to introduce new prudential requirements this year, especially in the insurance and non-bank sectors.”

The Chair of the Reserve Bank Board, Dr Arthur Grimes, said the Board will search in New Zealand and abroad to identify a successor to Dr Bollard. The Governor is appointed by the Minister of Finance on the recommendation of the Board.

Courtesy of Thomas Krause.

New Zealand offering 2007 and 2008 banknote sets

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has recently begun offering 1,000 sets of 2007 and 2008 notes of all six denominations with matching serial numbers, reversing its previous decision to offer such numismatic products only when there is a design change such as a new signature variety. The last sets offered for sale included notes dated (20)03.

Courtesy of Evan Shukan and David Jones.

New Zealand announces upgrade of banknotes to begin in 2014

On 21 July 2011, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand held a press conference to announce that a project has begun to upgrade the nation’s banknotes, which will include a review of the material of the notes, and anti-counterfeiting features, but the people depicted on the notes are not expected to change, including the retention of Queen Elizabeth on the 20-dollar note despite her portait being the most disliked part of the design of that denomination. Little solid information was given at the press conference, except that the new notes are expected to start being issued one or two denominations at a time in 2014. There are, however, a lot of interesting tidbits in these two survey result reports conducted with retailers and consumers.

Courtesy of Richard Miranda.

New Zealand planning new note series for 2014

According to a article dated 30 June 2011, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand is planning a press conference in the coming weeks to discuss a review of the nation's banknotes. No decision had been made on whether the current series of notes would be redesigned, but that is an option. The new notes will definitely include new security features to prevent counterfeiting, and are scheduled to be introduced in late 2014.

New Zealand new date (2007) 10-dollar note confirmed

10 dollars (US$7.60), (20)07. Like P186, but new date.

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Courtesy of Ricardo Castedo.

New Zealand new date (2007) 50-dollar note confirmed

50 dollars (US$36)
Like Pick 188, but new date (2007).

Courtesy of Scott de Young.

New Zealand new date (2006) 100-dollar note confirmed

100 dollars (US$61.90), (20)06. Like P189b, but new date with Alan Bollard signature.

Courtesy of Christof Zellweger.

New Zealand new date (2006) 20-dollar note confirmed

Like P187, but new date (2006) with Alan Bollard signature.

Courtesy of Michael Reissner.

New Zealand new date varieties confirmed

10 dollars (US$7.65), (20)06. Like P186b, but new date.

50 dollars (US$38.15), (20)04 and (20)05. Like P188b, but new dates with Alan Bollard signature.

100 dollars (US$76.35), (20)05. Like P189b, but new date with Alan Bollard signature.

Courtesy of Scott de Young.