Tajikistan new 100-somoni note (B216a) confirmed

Like B210, but new latent image on shield, repositioned registration device, new holographic stripe without laser-etched digits, new color-changing windowed security thread, and smaller repositioned flag at upper right back.

Courtesy of Leonid Graschenko (eBay kenvvood).

Tajikistan new sig/date (2017) 50-somoni note (B209c) confirmed

Like B209b, but new date (2017) and new signatures. Prefix EJ.

Courtesy of Fritz Simons, Claudio Marana, and Leonid Graschenko (eBay kenvvood).

Tajikistan new sig/date (2017) 20-somoni note (B208c) confirmed

B208c: Like B208b, but new date (2017) and new signatures (Emmomali Rakhmonov and Nurmahmadzoda Jamshed). Prefix DM.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Tajikistan new sig/date (2017) 10-somoni note (B215b) confirmed

B215b: Like B215a, but new date (2017) and new signatures (Emmomali Rakhmonov and Nurmahmadzoda Jamshed). Prefix CT.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.

Press release: The Banknote Register 2nd edition

The Banknote Register 2nd editionbr-photo2
The Banknote Register: CIS and Baltic Countries
1991-2016, General Issues
Second edition (English)

Author: Dmitry Zagorenko (IBNS #11608, General Secretary of the Russian Chapter of IBNS).
Editor: Dmitry Litvak (IBNS LM #204, President of the Russian Chapter of IBNS).
Format: A4. Weight: 1,5 Kg.
Hard cover with pressed gilding and book jacket band.
344 full-color pages (paper 115 g/m2).
16 Chapters (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Moldova, Transnistria, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Estonia).
Edition: 1000 pieces.

The Banknote Register provides the most detailed information on all emissions of paper money in post-Soviet countries from 1991 to present. It describes the history of money circulation establishment and development in the new sovereign states. The book gives detailed information on each banknote, variations and types, commemorative and souvenir issues, security features, designers, signatories, serial prefixes, images portrayed on the notes. It will be no exaggeration to say that the author with the help of collectors and staff of national banks has compiled the best known up to now data, many of which will be published for the first time, and also data unknown to many collectors. This work has resulted in compilation and classification of the most complete information on currency circulation in the post-Soviet countries.

The publication of the Register will, for sure, reduce the number of blank spaces in the history of circulation in CIS and Baltic states. Nevertheless, the author continues searching for materials and communicating with paper money collectors, museum workers, designers and bank specialists and laymen. We hope that the Register of Banknotes of CIS and Baltic Countries will encourage you as well to study actively the currency circulation in the post-Soviet countries.

Promo-video: https://youtu.be/O33FxdonxS0
Official website: http://banknote-register.com

For a $7 discount off the list price of $62, use the coupon code "BanknoteBook" when ordering the book by email. Registered shipment to any country in the world is $22, so the total discounted cost is only US$77.

Tajikistan new 20-, 50-, and 100-somoni notes confirmed

According to a press release dated 4 March 2013, on 5 March the National Bank of Tajikistan issued 20-, 50-, and 100-somoni notes with enhanced security features which include laser-etching the last three digits of the serial number into the adjacent holographic stripe. The 200-somoni note released two years ago was the first to have the laser-etched numbers.

Courtesy of Cedrian and Hartmut Fraunhoffer (www.banknoten.de).

Tajikistan revised 5- and 10-somoni notes confirmed


On 27 December 2012, the National Bank of Tajikistan introduced revised 5- and 10-somoni (US$1.05 and $2.10, respectively) banknotes like the preceding issues (NBT B6 and B7), but with the addition of a Kinegram stripe at right front.

Courtesy of Dmitry Zagorenko (http://bonistica.ru) and Hartmut Fraunhoffer (www.banknoten.de).

Tajikistan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available

Tajikistan cover
The Tajikistan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale at US$4.99, and as a free download to subscribers.

At the time of initial publication, this 7-page catalog covers every note (49 types and varieties, including 8 notes unlisted in the SCWPM) issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Tajikistan in 1994, and the National Bank of Tajikistan from 1999 until present day.

Each chapter of The Banknote Book includes detailed descriptions and background information, full-color images, and accurate valuations. The Banknote Book also features:
  • Sharp color images of note’s front and back without overlap
  • Face value or date of demonetization if no longer legal tender
  • Specific identification of all vignette elements
  • Security features described in full
  • Printer imprint reproduced exactly as on note
  • Each date/signature variety assigned an individual letter
  • Variety checkboxes for tracking your collection and want list
  • Date reproduced exactly as on note
  • Precise date of introduction noted when known
  • Replacement note information
  • Signature tables, often with names and terms of service
  • Background information for historical and cultural context
  • Details magnified to distinguish between note varieties
  • Bibliographic sources listed for further research

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Tajikistan revised 5-somoni note confirmed

5 somoni (US$1.10), 1999. Like P15, but central vignette in blue, not gray. Intro: 2010.

Courtesy of banknoteshop@gmx.net.

Tajikistan new 3-, 200-, and 500-somoni notes confirmed

3 somoni (US$0.70)
Violet. Front: Coat of arms; open book with pen; Shirinsho Shotemur, hero statesman. Back: Majlisi Oli (parliament) building in Dushanbe; flag. Windowed security thread with demetalized БМТ. Watermark: Shirinsho Shotemur. Printer: Unknown. 141 x 65 mm. 2010. Signature 3. Intro: 10.09.2010.

200 somoni (US$45.65)
Brown and yellow. Front: Coat of arms; building with red flag; Nusratullo Makhsum, hero statesman. Back: National Library building in Dushanbe; ink well, quill, and candlestick; flag. Holographic stripe. Windowed security thread with demetalized БМТ. Watermark: Nusratullo Makhsum. Printer: Unknown. 159 x 68 mm. 2010. Signature 3. Intro: 10.09.2010.

500 somoni (US$114)
Purple and gray. Front: Coat of arms; Abuabdullo Rudaki, founder of Tajik classic literature. Back: Palace of Nations in Dushanbe; flag. Holographic stripe. Windowed security thread with demetalized БМТ. Watermark: Abuabdullo Rudaki. Printer: Unknown. 162 x 71 mm. 2010. Signature 3. Intro: 10.09.2010.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson, Claudio Marana, Vitali Khaletski, and Alexander Petrov.

Tajikistan new variety 1-somoni note confirmed

1 somoni (US$0.20), 1999.
On earlier notes the globe at center front is green and orange (P14a, left), but on later notes, the globe is all green (right).

Courtesy of Alexander Petrov.