US$20 off subscriptions to The Banknote Book

I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't want people to buy individual chapters of The Banknote Book. I make them available only to provide an inexpensive introduction to the catalog, but my real goal is to grow the subscriber base.

If you collect the entire world or a large number of countries, buying a subscription is the best deal because it's much less expensive than buying chapters individually (224 chapters totaling US$1,592 as of January 2016), and it entitles you to every chapter currently available as well as everything published—or revised—during the term of your subscription, now available with several flexible new pricing options:


The most economical option is the annual subscription with automatic renewal, saving US$20 off both the initial subscription and any subsequent renewals which will be billed automatically until cancelled. A 6-month plan is also available for those who prefer an even lower initial payment.

I'm sorry, but auto renewal is not available when paying with PayPal.