Jersey issues new note family

The following is from a 29 April 2010 press release issued by the States of Jersey:

Jersey’s new bank notes are being issued today (29 April 2010) by local banks and States cashiers. The Island’s first new designs for more than 20 years were officially launched in February. They have been tested in banks’ cash machines and commercial vending machines and are now ready to be introduced into circulation.

The new notes will be issued to banks, as they are needed, initially for a period of up to 8 weeks. At the end of that time there will be more than £20 million of the new notes in circulation, in place of existing notes. The existing Jersey bank notes are still legal tender and will remain in circulation until each note reaches the end of its useful life and is withdrawn in the usual way.

States cashiers will begin to issue Collectors’ Notes from today at Cyril Le Marquand House.

The designs incorporate new security features and the back of each note carries the words États de Jersey as well as each of the 12 parish crests. Other important changes include the use of French and Jèrriais and a new image of the Queen.

The Treasury Minister, Senator Philip Ozouf said, "I have received very many positive comments from islanders since the launch of the new notes in February. They are designed to reflect the Island’s history and culture and I was especially pleased that, for the first time, the value of each note is written in Jèrriais as well as in French.

“I hope this will contribute to the ongoing efforts to regenerate the Jersey-French language. I would like to see all States members counting up to 50 in Jèrriais!”

The Jèrriais Language Officer, Tony Scott Warren, is pleased that Jersey’s traditional language is getting a boost. He said “Lé louis dans vot' paûte est achteu pus vâliabl'ye viyant qu' la valeu d'la langue jèrriaise y'a 'té ajouôté.” (The pound in your pocket is now worth more because the value of the Jersey language has been added to it!)

Senator Ozouf added "We must also remember that when we issue Jersey notes, banks pay the States for that cash, those payments are invested and generate interest for the Island. So when we use our notes, we are helping to pay for essential services, like Health and Education.”

Display towers with more information about the new notes and their design are currently on display at the airport, Cyril Le Marquand House and the Co-op (Grand Marché, St Helier). In the coming months they will also be on view at Fort Regent, banks, retail outlets and schools.

The issuing of a £100 note will be considered next year.

Courtesy of Zeeshan Ali.