East Caribbean States new 10- and 20-dollar notes with braille features confirmed

According to a press release dated 24 April 2012, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank has issued a series of banknotes with braille features in an effort to provide notes which are easier for blind and visually impaired persons to use.

The raised braille characters on the upgraded notes feature a cricket theme in the form of balls and stumps. These characters have been added to the 10-, 20-, 50-, and 100-dollar notes. All the other features of the notes, including the profile watermark of Queen Elizabeth II, the security features and the images, remain the same.

The 10- and 20-dollar notes with the braille features are now in circulation and are available at the commercial banks in the ECCB member countries . The other two notes will be issued on demand. The 5-dollar note is not scheduled to be revised with braille.

Courtesy of Chris Twining, Nazir Rahemtulla, and TDS.