Simplified numbering for The Banknote Book

The Banknote Book just got a lot better. In response to requests from collectors for a simplified number system, each country's type notes are now referenced with unique 3- or 4-digit numbers prefixed by the letter B (for example, Fiji B123). Already a must-have numismatic reference for its unparalleled content, this move will accelerate the adoption of The Banknote Book numbering throughout our hobby.

The printed edition just got a lot better, too. Anyone who buys, or has bought, a complete three-volume set direct from Spink is entitled to a free 6-month subscription (a US$59 value) to the online edition, giving you the best of both worlds: Printed books for quick reference; downloaded PDFs for all the latest.

Full details of the print+online bundle, number simplification, and spreadsheet with cross-references are available online.