Morocco watermark varieties confirmed

Morocco’s 10 to 200 dirham notes dated1987-1996 (P63-P67) have several previously undocumented watermark varieties, all of King Hassan II.

For example, the 20-dirham note P67 has at least two different watermarks of Hassan II in profile. The first one appears to have a thinner face, whereas the second one with the fuller face also looks like the king has a black eye. The thin profile has been confirmed on signature 12, 15, and 16 notes, whereas the black eye profile has been confirmed on signature 13 and 14 notes.

The 50-dirham note P64 has at least two watermark varieties, both with the king making eye contact, but with a full versus thin face, confirmed on signature 12 and 13 notes, respectively.

The 100-dirham note P65 has at least three different watermarks, all having been seen on notes with signature 12. One where the king is making eye contact, and two in profile, with full and thin faces.

Finally, the 200-dirham P66 has at least three different watermarks: two in profile and one with eye contact. The eye contact and thin profile have both been doucmented on signature 12 notes, whereas the full (black eye) profile and eye contact have been documented on signature 13 notes, so this is not a case where the watermark corresponds to the change in signatures.

Perhaps these watermark changes correspond to different printers? Any additional info would be appreciated.

Courtesy of Lucien Beaudouin and Bill Stubkjaer.