Dominican Republic issues warning about 2,000-peso notes dated 2013

According to a press release from the Banco Central de la República Dominicana dated 6 November 2013, 2,000-peso notes dated 2013 (similar to P181) have not been issued and are not legal tender. Notes of this denomination which carry other dates remain legal tender.

According to various other Spanish-language news reports, the French banknote printer Oberthur Fiduciaire misplaced 8,403 of these new notes which apparently had unspecified production flaws. Oberthur claims that French police have recovered approximately 2,300 such notes, yet some of the remainder (162 reported as of 7 November) have found their way into circulation in the Dominican Republic. The bank refuses to pay for the printing of these notes and is seeking compensation from Oberthur for damages caused by the problem.

Courtesy of Cedrian López Bosch Martinea.