Armenia new 1,000-dram note confirmed

According to a article dated 29 September 2011, the Central Bank of Armenia plans to issue a new 1,000-dram (US$2.67) banknote dated 2011 like the preceding issues dated 2001 (P50), but with a holographic stripe at left front. The note is printed without imprint by Enschede on paper produced by Landqart.

PNL 1,000 dram
Green and light rose. Front: Writer Yeghishe Charents; Mount Ararat. Back: Old Yerevan building; carriage with driver and two horses. Holographic stripe. Solid security thread and windowed security thread with demetalized AMD 1000. Watermark: Yeghishe Charents and electrotype 1000. Printer: (JEZ). 136 x 72 mm.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson.