Leeward Islands rare 10-shilling note #1 sold for $18,000

Lockdales, Eastern England's premier coin dealers and auctioneers of collectables, sold a Leeward Islands 10-shilling note on Saturday 14 July 2012 for £10,000 (US$18,000, including buyer's premium). There are only two denominations for the Leeward Islands, both dated 1st January 1921. Rare in any form, this note is unique in that it is prefix A/1 serial number 00001.

Chris Elmy of Lockdales said: “Its current owners are descendants of former Auditor General of Antigua, William Douglas Auchinleck,” whose fascimile signature appears on this note, along with that of Francis W. Griffiths, both signing as COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY. On the back of the note "Issued 6 - 7 - 21" is written in pencil.