Argentina new 500-peso note confirmed

According to a press release dated 29 June 2016, on 30 June the Banco Central de la República Argentina introduced a new 500-peso note, the first in a new series of banknotes featuring the native fauna of various regions of the country. This new note will circulate in parallel with existing notes.

500 pesos
Green. Front (vertical): Leaves; paw print as registration device; jaguar; flowers; silhouette of jaguar with latent image RA; denomination in green-to-blue SPARK. Back: Paw prints; jaguar cub and adult in stream running through forest; map of Argentina with Northeast region highlighted; compass rose; flowers; coat of arms. Green-to-blue windowed security thread with demetalized $500 BCRA. Watermark: Jaguar and electrotype 500. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signature Federico Sturzenegger and Gabriela Michetti. Suffix A. Intro: 30.06.2016.
Replacement notes: Prefix R.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas and Nick Chiu.