Nigeria new 100-naira commemorative confirmed


CBN B38 (PNL): 100 naira (US$0.70)
Purple, red, peach, brown, and green. Front: Coconut as registration device; Chief Obafemi Awolowo, former Premier of Western Region; several coconuts; green-to-purple SPARK patch with manilla; cotton boll. Back: Manillas; primitive animal figures (alligator, snake, fish, turtle) and leaves in underprint; Quick Recognition Code; manila and coconuts; five Nigerians in native dress playing musical instrument, carrying baskets, and dancing; coat of arms; cowrie shells. Motion windowed security thread with the Nigerian flag and 100. Watermark: Chief Obafemi Awolowo and electrotype 100 CBN. Printer: Unknown. 151 x 78 mm.
a. 2014. Signature 21. Prefix AB - AD. Intro: 19.12.2014.

This is the first banknote in the world to incorporate a Quick Recognition Code into its design. When scanned with an Internet-enabled mobile device, the code goes to a web site which tells the centenary story of Nigeria. The code is the same on every note.

You can even scan the code directly from this screen or click here to visit the ₦100 Commemorative Centenary Banknote web site.

Courtesy of Evžen Škňouřil.