Uruguay new 500-peso uruguayo serie E note (B556) confirmed

B556 (PNL): 500 pesos uruguayos (US$23)
Blue, purple, red, and green. Front: Denomination as registration device; coat of arms; laurels, open book, and rising sun as registration device; Alfredo Vásquez Acevedo; map of Uruguay as SPARK patch. Back: Universidad de la República (University of the Republic) building in Montevideo; laurels, open book, and rising sun. Holographic windowed security thread. Watermark: José Gervasio Artigas and electrotype Quinientos and 500 stacked three times. Printer: OBERTHUR technologies. 159 x 74 mm.
a. 2014. Signature 30. Serie E. Intro: 08.05.2014.

Courtesy of Gustavo Fernández Artigas.