Mongolia new 20,000-tögrög note (B436) confirmed

According to a notice on the Bank of Mongolia’s web site, a new 20,000-tögrög (US$14.60) note was issued on 25 May 2010.

The note dated 2009 is like the one issued in 2006 (B427), but has a varifeye thread.

Light green and yellow. Front: Chinggis Khaan; holographic Soyombo symbol; warrior on horseback. Back: State Nine White Banners. varifeye thread and 3-mm windowed security thread with demetalized MONGOLBANK. Watermark: Chinggis Khaan and electrotype МБ. Printer: (G&D). 152 x 72 mm.

If anyone can translate this press release into English, I would appreciate hearing from you so that I can share the info with others.

Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson, Roman Boroznjak, and Nin Cheun.