Iran new signature 2,000-rial note confirmed

2,000 rials (US$0.20). Like Pick 144, but new signatures.

I originally reported the signature combo as Mazaheri - Bahmani, basing my info on the signature table at Peter Symes’ excellent site, However, I have recently been contacted by Ali Nasseri who says:

The has the signature of Hosseini - Bahmani that is correct, but has a mistake too!

Hosseini - Bahmani notes (2000, 5000, 20000 and 50000 Rials) put into circulation after "Danseh Jafari - Mazaheri - Sign 34" notes (2000, 20000 and 50000) and everybody has thought that they are sign 35, even me.

But, because Mr. Mazaheri was the preident of CBI, few month after Mr. Hosseini and before Mr. Bahmani, so the new 2000 Rls is printed before of all "Hosseini - Bahmani" notes (2000, 5000, 20000 and 50000 Rials), so, the new signature "Hosseini - Mazaheri" is printed former than "Hosseini - Bahmani".

I should tell frankly that the previous numeration is mistake and most rewrite according below:
Signature 34: "Danseh Jafari - Mazaheri" (As previous)
Signature 35: "Hosseini - Mazaheri" (new claim)
Signature 36: "Hosseini - Bahmani" (incorrect sign. 35)

Plus, you mentioned "Mazaheri - Bahmani" in your website. Those are both CBI's presidents. Where is the minister of finance's signature??? It is imposible that both of signatures belong to Central Bank presidents.

I corrected the signatures list and you can see them here.

Courtesy of Rui Manuel Palhares and Ali Nasseri.