Libya new 10-dinar note confirmed

10 dinars (US$8), 17-2-2011. Like CBL B37 (P73), but new date, new signature (possibly Gasem Azzoz, new governor as of September 2011), new demetalization on windowed thread, new hologram on upper right front, and the removal of the reference to the Gadaffi era “Jamahiriya” from the front and upper right back, plus the use of English on the notes for the first time in two decades. Furthermore, the serial number prefix system has apparently been reset to 1.

The 10-dinar note features Oberthur’s new Jasper hologram, which combines a hologram with blind embossing in 3D, with at least two optical effects, as well as anti-photocopy and anti-scanner characteristics.

Courtesy of Eyad Alali and Thomas Augustsson.