Poland new Marie Curie 20-złoty commemorative confirmed

According to a post on www.numizmatyczny.pl, the National Bank of Poland is issuing a new numismatic product commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in chemistry being awarded to Marie Curie. 60,000 pieces are being sold in a folder at 47 złotych each.

BNP13 (PNL): 20 złotych (US$6.65)
Brown and green. Front: Physicist Marie Skłodowska Curie; Sorbona w Paryżu (Sorbonne school building in Paris); coat of arms; Ra (atomic symbol for radium) in SPARK patch of concentric circles. Back: Curie quotation; Instytut Radowy w Warszawie (Radium Institute building in Warsaw); Nobel Prize medal for chemistry. Solid security thread with microprinted 20 Zł. Watermark: Marie Skłodowska Curie and electrotype denomination. Printer: PWPW S.A. 138 x 69 mm. 20 KWIETNIA 2011. Signatures: Marek Belka and Jerzy Stopyra. Intro: 09.12.2011.

Courtesy of Rafal Nogowczyk, Mario Hilge, Jan Bogus, and Claudio Marana.