IBNS seeks Banknote of 2012 Nominations

The International Bank Note Society (IBNS) would like to remind its members that they have until midnight 31 January 2013 to nominate notes for the pretigious Banknote of 2012 award.

So far the nominations are:

Brazil's 20 Reais Note
Costa Rica's 5,000 Colones Note
Jersey's 100 Pound Note
Argentina's 100 Peso Note
Canada's 50 Dollar Note
Malaysian 5 Ringgit Note

Images can be found on the IBNS web site.

Banknotes nominated must have been issued to the public (specimens and non-circulating currencies are inelligble) for the first time during 2012, and must have artistic merit and/or innovative security features.

To nominate a note (IBNS members only), please email banknoteoftheyear@ibns.biz providing your reasons for the nomination, and if possible, a scan of the front and back of the note.