Bahamas new CRISP Evolution 10-dollar note (B352a) confirmed

According to a press release dated 26 September 2016, on 28 September 2016 the Central Bank of The Bahamas launched a new 10-dollar note, the first in its newest family of CRISP Evolution (Counterfeit Resistant Integrated Security Product) banknotes, with other denominations to be introduced over the next few years.

The new note bears some of the same design elements as the preceding issue (B340), but with a vertical orientation for the back, and enhanced security features. The note is the first non-commemorative banknote in the world bearing De La Rue's Active, a lenticular thread visible on the back of the note (Poland BNP820 with Active was introduced on 20 April 2016). The note also has subsidiary features, such as the use of raster graphics throughout the banknote, a SPARK Orbital butterfly, and the installation of tactile bars for the visually-impaired.


Courtesy of Claudio Marana and Yuri111 (yuri111).