Norwegian 50-krone notes printed abroad put into circulation

According to a press release dated 10 February 2010, “Since discontinuing operations at Norges Bank’s Printing Works in the summer of 2007, Norwegian banknotes have been produced by De La Rue International Limited in the UK and Oberthur Technologies in France. The first 50-krone (US$8.45) notes printed abroad will soon be put into circulation. The notes are virtually identical to current 50-krone notes, informed Trond Eklund, director of the Cashier’s Department. The only difference is that the serial number on the new notes has a letter before the number. This change will also apply to other note denominations as those are put into circulation. The next denomination printed abroad will be the 500-krone (US$84.50) note, which is scheduled to be put into circulation at the end of 2010.”

Courtesy of Håkon Hagelund.