Zimbabwe issues new variety bearer cheques

Collector Steve Milner (IBNS member 8137) has discovered a new variety in the Zimbabwe $10,000 note dated 1st August 2006 that differs slightly from the first release with AA serial number prefix (above, bottom). The new AB prefix variety has a space between “10” and “000” in the denominations printed in all four corners (above, top).

Also Steve informs me that Inside IBNS No. 4/06 erroneously reported that all new bearer cheques share the same expiry date of 31st July 2007. In fact, the $100 (Pick 38) and $500 (Pick 39) expire 31 December 2007. Furthermore, the cent issues (Pick 29 - 32) have an extra 500 in the watermark whilst all the dollar issues have RBZ.

Finally, Steve writes: “I am a IBNS member from the Perth chapter. My collecting interests are southern Africa, GB, replacements, and Australia. I have attached a couple of interesting Zimbabwe $100,000 bearer cheques. One is a replacement note (ZB prefix) for the “normal” note issued 1 June 2006. The other has an issue date of 1 October 2005 and the serial AA (AB also known to exist). This issue was apparently printed but not issued until after June 2006.

“I am trying to obtain both notes and the replacement for the earlier version, which I presume exists but has not been confirmed.

“An interesting point now concerns the 1 February 2006 issue of the $50,000 bearer cheque. This issue started with the serial AC. Is there a previous issue with the serials AA and AB dated sometime in 2005?

“This an interesting conundrum for collectors of southern African notes or ‘emergency issues’ as these bearer cheques are often called. Any information from your readers will be most welcome.”