Cuba notes to be issued with revised watermarks

According to an article on Havana Times dated 19 August 2014, the Central Bank of Cuba will soon issue 2014-dated notes in denominations of 20, 50, and 100 pesos which are like the current notes (BCC B8, B10, and B12, respectively), but the watermarks will be changed from Celia Sánchez Manduley to match the portrait engraved on the note (Camilo Cienfuegos Gorriarán, Calixto García e Iñiguez, and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, respectively), and the denomination will be added to the watermark as an electrotype element. The watermarks for the 5- and 10-peso notes remains that of Celia Sánchez Manduley, but will also have the denomination added as an electrotype element.

Courtesy of Philip Martin and Yigal.