Zimbabwe new 20-dollar bearer cheque confirmed

I'm looking for information about this bearer cheque. It's payment clause stipulates "Pay the bearer on deman on or before 30th June 2009." Issue date is listed as 1st August 2008, which corresponds to Zimbabwe’s revaluation when they struck 10 zeros from the dollar. However, the $20 note (RBZ B59) which they issued on that date doesn’t look anything like this note.

This bearer cheque looks like the $20 (RBZ B86) banknote issued on 02.02.2009, which seems to bear some relation to the vertical numbers at front left: 02022909.

I suspect that this was either an unadopted design or a consignment of bearer cheques which they decided not to issue when they opted to issue banknotes instead.

If anyone has additional information, including images of other denominations with similar designs, I would love to hear from you.